Special Order

Special order is an exciting category full of collectable art forms!
There are all sorts of interesting and eclectic items to be found at the end of this rainbow.
Special orders are pieces that are designs exclusive to Beloved Treasures Australia.
Check out the Mont Blanc mountaineers ice axe grivel pendants!
They are made with the loving hands of our Master Jewellers.
The antique and vintage treasures are awaiting their new caretakers.
Who will admire and appreciate their beauty, knowing that the unique creation was meant for them ☼ As the saying goes “Ones man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. The wild and wonderful attire was worn by moi (the founder of Beloved Treasures Australia) believes that we are here to dance on this planet. We must look fabulous whilst enjoying Life to the fullest! Enjoy perusing this wild and Wonder Full category ♫

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