Leather hat top skirt Vintage clothing 3 piece outfit

Leather hat top skirt Vintage clothing 3 piece outfit


Leather hat top skirt Vintage clothing 3 piece outfit. Excellent condition.

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Leather hat top skirt Vintage clothing 3 piece outfit.
Vintage 1990's rare Australian manufacturer Le Body leather cap hat with chain size large.
Ice designer label fully lined leather vest top (small) with 2 pockets at the front.
Polyester cotton skirt with leather apron and other embellishments including a belt that buckles at the back for comfortable sizing (one size fits all).
I have a 24cm waist so the belt buckled at the back of the skirt around my waist gave me a perfect fit.
Waist of skirt is 36.5cm or 14", fabric can stretch beyond this if you have a waist size above 36.5cm.
I purchased the leather vest and skirt on the Gold Coast in 1995 .
Leather cap purchased in Oxford St Sydney in 1998.
The outfit was a raunchy hell-fire club sensation!
They have been stored together for 18 years and are as new; in excellent condition.


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