Art Nouveau brooch Mexican Fire Opal


Art Nouveau brooch Mexican Fire Opal 4.35ct.
All original parts. Excellent condition.

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Art Nouveau brooch Mexican Fire Opal 4.35ct. Vintage brooch pin, rolled gold twisted wire.
The dangling ball is a lovely touch. Size: 4cm x 3.5cm x 1.3cm. All original parts. C catch.
Excellent condition. Weight: 6.3 grams. Circa 1890. A beautiful example of everyday Art Nouveau!
The wire represents tree limbs or vines and in the centre is a wonderful bright orange Fire Opal. Attachment from the centre piece is hinged so it dangles. The jeweller made this for a common person because it is not over the top. I can't imagine you'll see another like it.
The Metaphysics of Fire Opal (the stone of optimism).
The stone is perfect for active people with a positive outlook on Life and fills Ones Soul with joy and a feeling of great beauty.
Fire Opals are considered stones that people choose instinctively in order to work on certain aspects of their personality.
Fire Opal promotes free flow of emotions. It brings an energy of courage, endurance and strength. The warm orange-red tones have a positive action on the psyche and are conduits of warmth, peace and harmony.
Fire Opal is associated with the second chakra, the seat of sexuality.
It illuminates the positive side of sexuality and promotes sexual healing by encouraging a better view of our current relationships and guiding their improvement.

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Weight 6.3 g
Dimensions 4 × 3.5 × 1.3 cm


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