Glomesh Whiting Davis halter top Leopard print Vintage

Glomesh Whiting Davis halter top Leopard print Vintage

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Glomesh Whiting Davis halter top Leopard print Vintage. Rare piece.

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Glomesh Whiting Davis halter top Leopard print Vintage.
Vintage 1979 rare Glomesh metal halter top. All the mesh tiles are perfect. As new condition. Size: 43cm (length from strap on shoulder down to the V shaped bottom) x 49cm (width). There are 4x leather straps 50cm each (so you have 100cm give at the back). One size fits all. I wore this statement piece just once. I was Queen of the disco that night. The top moulded to my body hugging every curve, and as the mirror ball spun, a sensuous shimmering leopard was boogying! There has never been a sexier piece of clothing made! It is totally backless with black leather ties for around the neck and back.
This highly collectable vintage piece is made by Whiting & Davis, the premium brand for the finest metal mesh fabrics for over a century, and the metal mesh material looks as great today as the day that it was made. The metal mesh is sculpted by hand with a needle, and the rust-proof brass frames, unique to Glomesh, create heaviness and luxury. ''We use a centuries-old technique, they are not churned out on a production line.'' Mr Goldberg said!

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Dimensions 43 x 49 cm


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