Online sales journey; from face to face direct selling to the internet.
I owned and operated a successful direct selling jewellery business in Melbourne for 13 years in the 1980’s and 1990’s (Jewellery Design and Import). I did not have a mobile phone, or a computer, the internet was only a concept. There was little technology to help us in those days, but I had mySelf, the Vision and the jewels! I also had a pager on my hip; my customers called a paging service who then paged me (beep, beep, beep), then with 20 cents in hand, I had to find the nearest phone box to call the customer. True!
After a 15 year break, I relaunched the business online from the Gold Coast, as so many customers from the previous Melbourne business searched for me (mostly on Facebook) to buy more jewellery. 15 years had passed, so that reflects some-thing about my products and service. So, what can I say after launching a professional website and selling online for the past 9 months? Some of my sales still do happen face to face.
I list the jewellery on local advertising sites, then the customers call. I qualify them before they come to the showroom. They are able to see the jewellery, pick it up, hold it, admire it, touch it, adorn themselves with it, then purchase a stunning piece for themselves or for that Special some-one in their Life ☼

Catherine Saliba

Face to Face


Friendly Casual Environment






What have I learned? The Customer Service I can provide being with someone face to face is Priceless …
My Love and Passion for what I do, the beautiful creations I personally ‘dream’ and design, the genuine excitement I feel when presenting the Jewels to them and the knowledge and expertise I freely share with them about their Precious Metal, Gemstone or Swarovski Crystal jewellery purchases is so rewarding.
They leave knowing, with all my Heart, that I am Grateful for their patronage. There are home based business's, market sellers, artisan jewellery makers, party plan operators that visit the Showroom to acquire Jewellers Supplies. They feel supported, we share information, and most importantly, they leave here happy and uplifted by the interaction. So do I !
An online website has immense positives too, being able to reach people Nationally and Internationally. In the comfort of their homes, customers enjoy shopping online, purchasing with a Credit Card via PayPal that offers buyer protection. Direct Deposit is also an option. I have credibility in the marketplace plus an amazing platform to express my enthusiasm for the eclectic business Beloved Treasures Australia.
I attempt to recreate across cyberspace, the same Customer Service I provide to those in my presence, by having a well organized website so it is easy for customers to navigate around, quality photographs, detailed descriptions of the items, educational and interesting informative articles plus I am only a phone call away and very happy to spend the time with them to answer any of their questions. I post within 24 hours of receiving cleared funds and I openly welcome their feedback, so far all positive!
We must ‘go back to the people’. We must put ourselves in their shoes and feel what they feel. For me they are not nameless faces behind keyboards somewhere else on this planet, they are souls who deserve to have the best experience when dealing with Beloved Treasures Australia. It is my desire for customers to enjoy the shopping experience, to leave the keyboard happy with their purchase, to be excited and looking forward to the parcel arriving, to feel elation when they see the beautiful unique innovative Real creation for the first time and for them to feel like a million bucks when they adorn themselves with the jewels.
The customer feedback on my website and eBay store speaks for itself.
It’s all about the people, it’s all about a win win positive experience for all.
It’s about good old fashioned Customer Service in a casual friendly environment; it’s as simple as that!


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