Genesis Let there BE Light Rainbow Prism Collection.
Swarovski Crystal, Cosmic Rings and genuine Gemstones.

Designed by Catherine ☼ Created by Simona ☼
Video: Genesis "Let there be Light" jewellery collection


rainbow1 rainbow2rainbow3





rainbow4 rainbow5 rainbow6










rainbow10 rainbow11 rainbow12





The colour combinations of the Swarovski Crystals are kept on record at Beloved Treasures, as these are Collectors Pieces, their authenticity can be verified by Auction Houses. 
Only 1 will ever be made in these colour combinations. View collection

RAINBOW PRISM - White light beams through a Prism and disperses into the colours of the Rainbow …

let-there-be-light prism rainbow










I have always felt that Life comes from the Light. 
It isn’t possible to explain in words, this mysterious invisible intelligence that I feel and intuitively know exists. 
Language is limiting because it fails to relay the full essence of experience, so the best way for me to express this awareness and understanding of the nature of Light was to design this collection.
Can you imagine a Life without Colour? Bathe in the Light, embrace Life, open your Heart and Mind in awe, view the World with a sense of Wonder, and remember who you are 

crystals all-connected











Rainbow and Tornado ☼ pot of Gold returns to Source..









Let there Be Light ☼