Thank you for purchasing hand-made filigree

Thank you for purchasing hand-made filigree. My mission is to share and keep alive the art of filigree so that more will appreciate handmade jewellery.

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Thank you for purchasing hand-made filigree.
As a child Charmaine grew up seeing her father create beautiful handmade jewellery. In 1987 she started to learn gold and silversmithing at his  workshop. She now specialises in hand made filigree work using the most traditional techniques. Our mission is to share and keep the art of filigree alive. We hope to inspire people to appreciate handmade jewellery. We especially love sharing filigree as part of our heritage. Each piece has a 925 hallmark and my initials as the maker's mark. Charmaine is registered with the Malta Crafts Council. All her handmade products include a Certificate of Authenticity. This guarantees that your piece is genuinely Made in Malta.
The Art of Filigree is a very old technique in jewellery making. It is an an age-old craft in Malta and Gozo. Each piece is worked with very thin Sterling Silver wire. Charmaine melts the silver to make the wire and even the silver solder. First she makes the pattern with a flat wire called vultar. This wire is fine but not as thin as rizzol. Then when the pattern is ready she fills the creation with rizzol. Rizzol is a very fine silver wire 0.25 mm twisted in two and flattened to fill the design with. Then with a tweezer and an open flame burner she produces this unique jewellery. Charmaine keeps to the most traditional techniques of filigree. She adds gemstones, Swarovski rhinestones and bicones in some of her work. Thank You for appreciating her work ☼


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