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Az Jackson Wall Art – Sydney NSW

International award winning photographer Az Jackson, pushing the boundaries of photography.

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Having seen much, experienced a lot, and expressed himself in may unique ways, Multi-international award winning photographer Az Jackson has been pushing the boundaries of photography for the past 10 years. In his work he strives to capture exactly how he sees the world .. vibrant, decadent and bursting with Life. It's about inspiring creation in others. I want to uplift peoples spitit and grab their attention in a positive, constructive way and leave them with just one question "How?" he says. Photography doesn't have to be monochrome and moody or even standard format. By capturing the whole scene (usually 180 degrees), he gives his images Life with vibrant colours and strong tones with most artworks requiring multiple amounts of photos that are hand stitched together which takes several days to make up one final image. Shooting this way emphasizes every element, every shade, and every little twist that we might not see in a regular one-off snap. "It's thought provoking and the discovery I strive for. I want people to expand their own horizons." Inspired by the work of other great story tellers like Ansell Adams and fellow Aussie panoramic format shooters, Peter Lik and Ken Duncan, he has now set himself apart from them with his advanced methods and zesty, spirited approach to bringing out the colour of this world. It's this distinct brand of imagery that has won Az over 50 international photography awards at several noted competitions around the world such as the Epson International Pano Awards, International Loupe Awards and Creative Asia Awards. Az is a self taught photographer discovering the possibilities through many years of trial and error, and to aid in his creations some of the other disciplines he has studied are in the fields of engineering, architecture, interior design, human behaviour and free energy. Az Jackson will continue to pioneer new techniques and bring you new and exciting scenery that invites us to re-discover the beauty within our world. The more we discover, the more we will question, and more of the life we want will show up; that's what an Az Jackson image is all about. Wall Art Prints, Canvas Wall ART, Limited Edition Prints, Posters, Digital Downloads. www.facebook.com/postersaustralia


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