14K gold filled earrings Swarovski crystal MARIGOLD


14K gold filled earrings Swarovski crystal MARIGOLD. Topaz cube and Fire Opal bicone colours are eye-catching.

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14K gold filled earrings Swarovski crystal MARIGOLD.
This beautiful lantern design features 8mm Swarovski crystal cubes.
Topaz cube and Fire Opal bicone colours are eye-catching on these beautiful earrings.
The facets in the crystal capture and reflect the light from all angles enhanced by Swarovski studded spacer squares that sparkle beautifully.
Handcrafted in the USA, only 1 pair made.
The earrings replicate the pendant design and hang from hand-forged custom oversized 14K gold filled ear wires that are hammered for extra strength and texture.
Overall length of the earring is 53mm or 2 1/8".
This colour combination also represents yellow orange Roses, Sunflowers and Vireya Rhododendrons.
Swarovski (Austrian) crystal is considered to be of finest quality, unmatched in clarity and distinction.
When Daniel Swarovski first brought a sparkle to Crystal over 100 years ago, he could have never imagined what a development he was setting in motion.
With fantasy, intuition and technical finesse, he managed to expose all the facets hidden within this fascinating material.
Today, sparkling crystal components in thousands of colors, shapes and sizes provide a fantastic palette of inspiration for designers and manufacturers.

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