Sterling Silver heart Locket St Christopher

Sterling Silver heart Locket St Christopher.
This locket opens to insert photos inside.

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Sterling Silver heart Locket St Christopher.
This beautiful locket opens to insert photos inside.
Inscribed with the words Saint Christopher Protect Us.
Size: 20mm (h) plus 6mm bail x 20mm (w) x 4mm (d).
St. Christopher depicts the saint carrying the Christ child on his shoulders across turbulent waters, with the words “Saint Christopher Protect Us.” Wear this locket pendant in devotion to Saint Christopher and to invoke his blessing. St. Christopher is the saint of protection, particularly for protection during travel and long voyages. Statues and medals of St. Christopher are often placed in vehicles for protection from car accidents. St. Christopher is also the Patron Saint of gardeners, sailors and transportation workers. He is invoked for protection against lightning, storms, pestilence, epilepsy and even toothaches. Statues of St. Christopher were once placed in front of churches, dwellings and bridges. The statues bore inscriptions that said whoever looked upon the statue of St. Christopher would not faint or fall that day.

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Weight 3.44 g
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