South Sea WHITE Pearl ring 14K Gold

South Sea WHITE Pearl ring 14K Gold


South Sea WHITE Pearl ring 14K Gold.
Very high lustre. Very thick nacre.

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South Sea WHITE Pearl ring 14K Gold.
Mounted with 11mm AAA quality South Sea WHITE Pearl.
Very high lustre.
Very thick nacre.
Perfect round.
Blemish free.
Enquiries welcome.

This PEARL is mounted and not drilled and has never been dyed or treated.
The Pinctada Maxima oyster produces the world's largest fine quality pearls.
100% Natural and Genuine South Sea Pearl directly from the Pearl Farms of Australia.Of all the Pearls across the globe, there is one that is rare and revered;
Grown in perfect harmony in Western Australia, with the marine environment in pristine waters where the temperature is gentle with a nurturing atmosphere, the South Sea Pearl has a beautiful perfection.
Australian saltwater South Sea Pearls are considered to be the most prized and best lustered Pearls due to the thick nacre of "Mother of Pearl".
Their high shine and lustre with a mirror like quality that reflects Light with great radiance.
The South Sea Pearl is a labour of Love, spending 2 silent years within the host oyster.
The Pinctada Maxima also known as the silver or gold lip or the Pinctada Margaritifera also known as the black lip.
This breathtaking gift that arrives into our world is well worth the wait!

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