Silver clean Hagerty dip 150ml

Silver clean Hagerty dip 150ml.
Made in Holland.

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Silver clean Hagerty dip 150ml.
Professional jewellers Silver cleaning dip for Silver and silver plated jewellery.
Hagerty ® origins date back to 1895.
Made in Holland.
A specialised bath for Silver Jewellery that removes tarnish instantly and restores the original shine.
Simply immerse jewellery with the handy dip basket supplied, swirl and agitate for a few seconds.
Use the sponge for large items then rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.
For well over 100 years Hagerty has been the world's leading brand in cleaners for the Jewellery, watchmaking and silversmiths trade.
The breakthrough came with the introduction of an innovative Silver care line, followed by a wide variety of equally popular home care products.
Today, the name Hagerty has become synonymous with premium quality and the company's success has spread to over 60 countries.
Used by all the finest craftsmen it has become the benchmark by which all other products are judged.


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