Rosetta Flower Filigree Earrings Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Filigree Rosetta Flower Earrings. 3mm Swarovski PINK.
Made in Malta. Certificate Malta Crafts Council.

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Rosetta Flower Earrings - Sterling Silver Filigree and 3mm Swarovski rhinestone PINK. Hand-Made in Malta. Size: 5 x 2cm. Includes a certificate Malta Crafts Council. Size: 5 x 2cm. Weight: 5.4 grams. Three types of wire have been used to Hand Craft these earrings: a flat wire to form the pattern, a very fine double wire which is twisted and flattened for the Filigree filling and another twisted wire to finish the edges.The Artisan designs and makes everything by hand. She buys the Pure Silver grains then melts it, hand makes all the wire and the silver solder, creates the outline pattern, fills it with rizzol, then polishes the beautiful creation; now ready for its proud wearer!

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Weight 5.4 g


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