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Gold Testing Kit with instructions and Premium stone

JSP testing kits are available on this link gold-testing-kit-with-instructions-and-premium-stone-jsp/

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Gold Testing Kit with instructions and Premium stone. JSP testing kits are available on this link gold-testing-kit-with-instructions-and-premium-stone-jsp/ Each 15ml bottle comes sealed and contains enough acid for hundreds of tests. Here is everything you need to determine if your Gold, Silver or Platinum is real or fake.
You will receive 6 bottles as listed 10kt (tests 9ct 375 and 10kt 417), 14kt (585), 18kt (750), 22kt (916), Silver (925 and 999), Platinum (950). The package is sealed and the bottles are designed to easily dispense one drop at a time. The bottles have different cap colours to keep acid karats organised. The kit includes a 5x5cm premium testing stone that has an extremely fine finish. We send a high quality premium testing stone essential for testing Gold, Silver, and Platinum. It is black in colour for great contrast. A test can be made with one light strike leaving no scratch marks on the item being tested which is a big advantage when testing non scrap items. It is designed specifically for testing, leaving a very visible streak when testing Gold, Silver, and Platinum and it will not damage the pieces you are testing. This brand new stone has a rubber backing plus it is a high quality testing stone that can be washed and used again for hundreds of tests. Apply a drop of the 22K solution to clean the stone after each use. Simple testing instructions included in the kit. Made in the USA.
Place half a drop of the closest acid to the karat you estimate the metal to be, on the metal you placed on the testing stone. If the acid dissolves the metal, the metal is less than the carat displayed on the bottle. Try again with a lower level acid. If it dissolves the metal slowly, it is possible that your metal is gold, just not as pure as the karat rating on the bottle. If the metal stays and does not dissolve, it is AT LEAST the karat of the rating on the bottle you used for the test. Happy testing !

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