Black Opal pendant Sterling Silver Lightning Ridge Australia


Black Opal pendant Sterling Silver Lightning Ridge Australia. Mined at Lightning Ridge New South Wales.

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Black Opal pendant Sterling Silver Lightning Ridge Australia.
Mined at Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia (3).
Sterling Silver Venetian Mirror box chain accompanied this particular pendant,
The chain was made Italy by UnoAerre.
Both pendant and chain are hallmarked 925.
Size: 15mm (h) plus 4mm bail x 8mm (w) x 3mm (d).
Gift Boxed.
OPAL "the play of light" showing a vast array or all the colours of the rainbow.
Opal is unique and strikingly beautiful.
Tilt and rotate the gem to change the direction of light hitting the stone; the colour will change or disappear.
BLACK OPAL is the most valued and rare.
They have a dark body tone that enables greater refraction and reflection of light, enabling the brightness of colour for which they are known.
The creation of opal is so unique requiring a special series of specific geological, climatic and biological elements to coincide to enable the formation of this elusive gem.
It is only found in a few places and Australia's central desert regions account for around 90% of the supply.
The formation of opal extends back to the Cretaceous period 145 to 65 million years ago.
Black opal are fossil replacements of corals or sponges ☼
During that period the interior of Australia was made up of an inland sea.
Towards the end of this era, the water receded and refilled many times for many aeons.
A silica rich solution flowed into voids and cracks in the ground where the opal forms.
Decomposed organic matter of animals and plants laid down into the sediment create fossilised opal.
This is a very slow process taking 5 million years to form a 1cm or 0.4" thick vein.
Metaphysical meaning:
This piece of black opal was mined at Lightning Ridge, New South Wales (791 kms from my home).
Throughout the whole entire world, Black Opals are only found in this amazing place.
It was buried in the ground for millions of years.
And now it is on your neck, with a "mirror" chain.
The mirror of this story; bring your inner child up to surface ground.
Do not leave her buried underground, underneath the rubble in your sub subconscious mind.
You are the rescuer. No-one else but you. You have the power, to free yourSelf ☼
Black Opal: the background is dark and black.
May this remind you that even in the darkness, as you move into different aspects of the Light, many colours of the rainbow will reveal itself to you, showing you many shades of Truth, that you could not see until you 'shed new Light' upon it.
Shape of the pendant is a teardrop. You have wept so much.
May the tears you now shed, be tears of Joy my dear friend ☼
May God Speed your journey, if you so wish it ♫

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