9ct 9kt Gold huggie hoop earrings Italy

9ct 9kt Gold huggie hoop earrings Italy

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9ct 9kt Gold huggie hoop earrings Italy.
Sizes vary 1cm – 1.7cm. Made in Italy.

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Product Description

9ct 9kt Gold huggie hoop earrings Italy 1cm - 1.7cm.
These huggie and hoop earrings are hinged.
Gauges vary: 2mm or 0.08", 2.5mm or 0.10" and 3mm or 0.12".
We stock yellow, white and rose Gold.
Genuine real Gold.
Excellent quality.
Made in Italy.

Diameter of huggies and hoops.
10mm or 0.4" (first row) approx 1.01 grams.
12mm or 0.5" (second row) approx 1.27 grams.
12mm or 0.5" (lattice design) approx 1.9 grams.
14mm or 0.6" (third row) approx 1.35 grams.
17mm or 0.7" (fourth row) approx 2.2 grams.

Widths of huggies and hoops. 
10mm huggie: width 2mm or 0.08". AUD$109.
12mm huggie: width 2mm or 0.08". AUD$129.
12mm lattice:  width 3mm or 0.12".  AUD$199.
14mm huggie: width 2mm or 0.08". AUD$149.
17mm hoop: width 2.5mm or 0.10". AUD$229.


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