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18kt 18ct Gold Testing Acid 2 bottles


18kt 18ct Gold Testing Acid 2 bottles. Is your Gold real or fake? Made in USA. To order a full kit click on this link gold-testing-kit-with-instructions-and-premium-stone-jsp

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18kt 18ct Gold Testing Acid 2 bottles. Is your Gold real or fake? JSP solutions made in the USA. Each 15ml bottle comes sealed and contains enough acid for hundreds of tests. The bottles are designed to easily dispense one drop at a time.
Place half a drop of the closest acid to the karat you estimate the metal to be, on the metal you placed on the testing stone. If the acid dissolves the metal, the metal is less than the carat displayed on the bottle. If you have a complete 6 bottle test kit try again with a lower level acid. If it dissolves the metal slowly, it is possible that your metal is gold, just not as pure as the karat rating on the bottle. If the metal stays and does not dissolve, it is AT LEAST the karat of the rating on the bottle. Happy testing !
To order a full kit click on this link gold-testing-kit-with-instructions-and-premium-stone-jsp

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