14kt white Gold ring Aquamarine

14kt white Gold ring Aquamarine

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14kt white Gold ring Aquamarine colour stone. Filigree design band. Size: N or 6 3/4.

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14kt white Gold ring Aquamarine colour stone.
Size of stone is 10mm x 8mm.
Filigree design on the side of the band.
Size UK Australian N or US 6 3/4.
Inner band width 17mm.
Band thickness 2mm.
Hallmarked 14K.
This ring was made by a creative European Jeweller and Designer.
Centuries ago, someone stumbled upon the magical effect of applying heat to gemstones. High heat, such as that from a charcoal fire, can make a bland looking Gemstone change its colour into something spectacular by deepening the colour. If this fortunate technique were not discovered, there would be very few affordable gemstones of good colour on the market. Heat treatment is considered a natural type of enhancement as it is a continuation of the processes that occur in the Earth when the stone was originally formed. During treatment, the stone is heated to very high temperatures (approx 1600 Centigrade) causing inclusions, chemical elements, and other impurities to reform themselves and change the colour of the stone. This colour change may result either in the stone being darker, lighter, more intense, or of a different colour.


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